Absolute Beginners


Identity for Absolute Beginners, a year-long curatorial project curated by Rafa Barber, coordinated and produced by CentroCentro, in which Rafa invited six artists to put on three duo exhibitions: Tai Shani & Florence Peake, Beatriz Olabarrieta & Patricia Domínguez, and Ludovica Carbotta & Diego Delas, whose works have a way of narrating that reads time as matter rather than as a space in which to move. 

Absolute Beginners invited you to participate from a way of doing things that is inspired by all the moments in which fiction has been used to explain the origins of the world. 

This is a before

Andromedan Sad Girl

Tai Shani & Florence Peake

As in every story, after a before, comes the now

There is Nothing in the Middle

Beatriz Olabarrieta & Patricia Domínguez

Until the future gets here

Self Reflective

Ludovica Carbotta & Diego Delas

Self Reflective is a video and audio piece produced by Ludovica Carbotta and Diego Delas using fiction to navigate an exhibition that doesn’t exist in the physical space.

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