Lifting Belly

Curated by Marta Cacciavillani, Lxo Cohen and Laura Plant


Situated in what was historically the Palace of Communications, Lifting Belly imagines the building as a system of digestive, reproductive and metabolic processes, which transform the bodies that move through it, whilst they too contaminate it.

Unfolding the corporeal fixtures of this living breathing architecture – pipes, vents, drains, radiators, entrances, exits – the artworks in this exhibition permeate boundaries between interior and exterior, collapsing multiple scales: from the microbial self to the infrastructures designed to regulate and choreograph the body through regimes of health, moral hygiene and toxicity.

Lifting Belly transports us to the stomach of the palace where we join with dust, heat, moisture, fluid and the materiality of construction. In a live, erotic circulation, objects and language infiltrate our sensing bodies in a process that is poetically regenerative and always becoming.


Lifting Belly is the culmination of the 1st edition of Fundación Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Madrid Young Curators Residency Programme, coordinated by Alejandro Alonso Díaz.

Artists: June Crespo, Marina G. Guerreiro, Ariadna Guiteras, Martin Llavaneras, Carlos Monleón, Claudia Pagès, Blanca Pujals, Victor Ruiz Colomer, M Reme Silvestre, and Leticia Ybarra

Identity and exhibiton graphics: Judit Musachs

Publication: Judit Musachs and Studiopol

Ariadna Guiteras.

Photo: Pablo Gómez, Ogando Rodríguez

Martin Llavaneras.

Photo: Pablo Gómez, Ogando Rodríguez

Carlos Monleón. 

Photo: Pablo Gómez, Ogando Rodríguez

Claudia Pagès. 

Photo: Pablo Gómez, Ogando Rodríguez

June Crespo. 

Photo: Pablo Gómez, Ogando Rodríguez

Marina G. Guerreiro.

Photo: Pablo Gómez, Ogando Rodríguez

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