Francesc Ruiz Abad
Still Cuba


Still Cuba is Francesc Ruiz Abad's latest artist's book.

The publication works as a travel diary, a document compiling his experiences and work process during an artistic residence in Havana. During his stay, he carried out a project that consisted of 50 works painted throughout 25 meters of fabric, and built a machine to rotate them as if the paintings were frames in a film. 


The publication consists of twelve chapters arranged chronologically. Each chapter references an area of the city, a stage of the artistic project and a moment in the journey. In every new stage, the reader is confronted by a remark from a Cuban author, or a person that may have influenced Francesc’s journey, providing an external point of view or perspective. 


The publication is printed entirely in black and white – taking cues from the simplicity and economy of pure documentation –, and designed in a totally spontaneous way. It is printed on randomly mixed color paper, making each copy unique. The superimposition of images and drawings doesn’t happen in a linear way: ultimately, the work is an accumulation of things that happen and constitute the journey – and, eventually, the memory.

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